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Harendar Kaur’s son arrested in India (Speak Asia)

Balwinder Singh, son of Speak Asia’s Harendar Kaur, was arrested by Indian authorities at Chennai International Airport earlier this week.Harendar Kaur headed up Harendar Ventures, one of the key shell companies tied to the operation of the Speak Asia Ponzi scheme.Her son, Balwinder, headed up MMWG Pvt. Ltd, a Singapore based shell company also tied to Speak Asia.Indian authorities have been pursuing Speak Asia’s executives since 2011.That same year Kaur (right) siphoned over a hundred million USD following botched regulatory proceedings.Authorities estimate Speak Asia duped 2.4 million investors out of approximately $348 million dollars.Kaur remains at large and is a fugitive who…


Renu Sharma granted bail because teachers can’t commit fraud

The one person who might have led authorities to Manoj Kumar’s stashed Ponzi funds, has been granted bail.Renu Sharma, wife of Manoj, was arrested by authorities last October. In January the EOW filed a chargesheet against Renu, accusing her of laundering over a hundred million USD.Renu was a signatory and Director of Tulsiyat Tek Pvt Ltd, Tulsient Information Systems Pvt Ltd and Seven Rings Education Pvt Ltd, all of which were used to launder Speak Asia investor funds.The EOW alleged that since 2003 the group along with another accused, Ramnivas Pal, and others were involved in floating different fraudulent schemes in…