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Mark S. Scott’s $2.5 million OneCoin money laundering bond details

Mark S. Scott, the US-based lawyer who allegedly assisted OneCoin with laundering $400 million in stolen funds, has had his $2.5 million bond signed off on and paid.According to a September 19th filed bond agreement, Scott’s secured bond has been set at $2.5 million, $750,000 of which has been deposited as cash.
As I understand it, if Scott fails to adhere to the bond agreement, he’ll be liable for the full $2.5 million amount.
Co-signers on the bond agreement are Tony Selimi of Ohio and Edward Feenane of Florida. Their relationship to Scott is unclear.
While released under monitored home-detention, Scott

is prohibited from violating…


OneCoin scammer indicted on $400 million money laundering charge

After seemingly little no progress on the regulatory front for some time, a key OneCoin insider has been indicted on a money laundering charge in the US.Mark Scott was indicted by  federal grand jury on August 21st, on money laundering charges related to the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.
On the same day Scott was indicted, a warrant was also issued for his arrest. Authorities apprehended Scott on September 5th.
Scott’s indictment follows a joint FBI and DOJ investigation. According to a filed affidavit in support of his arrest, Scott has been charged with Conspiracy to commit money laundering.
Mark Scott is a licensed attorney in…


Kraken exchange refuses to list OneCoin’s OFC “Ponzi coin”

When OneCoin announced its OFC ICO last week, twelve public exchanges were initially featured on the ICO website.OneCoin claimed it was “contacting” the featured exchanged regarding public listing of their OFC ERC20 token.

Without explanation, OneCoin slashed the featured exchange number to just six within a few days.
Now, of the remaining six exchanges that were listed, one has publicly confirmed it has no plans to list OneCoin’s OFC “Ponzi coin”.
Since halving the listed exchanges it was supposedly contacting, OneCoin has since deleted the listing from their ICO website entirely.
You can still see the “exchanges” section of the website menu, even if now…


OneCoin reveal OFC cookie-cutter ERC20 smart contract token

Y’know all those OneCoin points y’all been investing in since 2014 on that non-existent blockchain?Yeah… forget about them. Over the next year OneCoin wants you to invest even more money in a to be launched OFC ERC20 token.
Earlier today OneCoin revealed it’s latest “big announcement”, regarding what many desperate investors were hoping for a OneCoin points public trading date.
That didn’t happen, with OneCoin instead announcing a new OFC ERC20 token ICO.
Without getting too technical, OFC will be a new set of points available for OneCoin affiliates to invest in.
Rather than use OneCoin’s non-existent blockchain, instead OFC will be launched on the…