MaVie Review: $1000+ annual access to a DNA kit, travel & shopping

June 19, 2018 mlmdetective 0

MaVie operate in the e-commerce, nutrition and travel MLM niches.The company launched earlier this year and is headed up by Founder and CEO, Aboud Barakat.
As per Barakat’s MaVie corporate bio, his background is mostly in distribution and manufacturing of wellness and personal care products.
It also lead to the beginning of a ground breaking opportunity in the field of human DNA wellness tests.
This opportunity was based on wellness reports that measured an individual’s nutritional needs based on their personal genetic makeup.
Amazed with this scientific breakthrough that gave the ability to identify the wellness needs of any human being based on their DNA,…

The Four Percent Group Review: $5000+ a year marketing funnel

June 17, 2018 mlmdetective 0

The Four Percent Group launched in mid 2016 and operate in the online marketing MLM niche.The company is based out of the US state of South Dakota and is headed up by Founder and CEO, Vick Strizheus (actual name Vitaliy Strizheus).
According to his The Four Percent Group corporate bio, Strizheus (right) “started from zero back in 2006”.
Strizheus’ journey “from zero” in 2006 saw him arrested for insurance fraud in 2007. Prosecutors trying the case referred to Strizheus as a “con man”.
Strizheus plead guilty to one count of grant theft and was sentenced to 90 days in prison, commuted to time served on…

LuLaRoe Review: $5000 lucky leggings lottery?

June 15, 2018 mlmdetective 0

LuLaRoe was founded in 2012 and was incorporated in California a year later in May, 2013.Heading up the company is the co-founder husband and wife team, DeAnne and Mark Stidham (CEO).
LuLaRoe itself is an amalgam of the names of DeAnne Stidham’s first three grandchildren.
The LuLaRoe website very much presents Stidham (then DeAnne Brady) as the driving force behind the company.
Prior to LuLaRoe DeAnne had found success in network-based marketing.
It was during this time that she learned an important lesson; if you want to be someone who gets things done, act like you already are.
This self-empowering idea crystallized in her mind and directly led…

Seacret Direct Review 2.0: Monthly affiliate autoship still a problem

June 8, 2018 mlmdetective 0

BehindMLM published its first and only review of Seacret Direct back in 2012.While efforts to drive retail sales were acknowledged, the elephant in the room was the heavy reliance on affiliate autoship.
Rank progression was for the most part rooted in accumulated autoship orders, which was more than likely going to be sourced from affiliates.
That was five years ago and, based on feedback from a reader, things have since changed.
BehindMLM… you need to update this review.
Autoship is no longer required and rank advancement is based on sales volume.
Today we revisit Seacret Direct and evaluate whether the MLM opportunity has actually changed. Read…

Juice Plus+ Review: Subscription-based nutritional supplements?

June 7, 2018 mlmdetective 0

Juice Plus+ operate in the health and nutrition MLM niche and are based out of Tennessee in the US.The company was founded in 1970 as “National Safety Associates” by Jay Martin.
National Safety Associates started out marketing a range of fire detectors (smoke alarms) and air and water purifiers via door-to-door sales.
Juice Plus+ was introduced in 1993 as a product line and subsidiary of National Safety Associates.
Despite still being a part of NSA, today Juice Plus+ is established well-enough to be recognised as a stand-alone MLM company.
Since a an investigation into reported inventory loading back in 1993, Juice Plus+ hasn’t had a…

MyDigital6 Review: Chain email scam model + bitcoin

June 5, 2018 mlmdetective 0

MyDigital6 provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the company.The MyDigital6 website domain (“”) was privately registered on May 3rd, 2018.
Marketing videos on the MyDigital6 website are hosted on “The Wealth Paladin” YouTube channel.
Two of the five videos on the channel are MyDigital6 promos.
The other three videos market heartworm prevention in pets, the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange and an outdoor misting system.
The male voice-over on all five videos is clearly the same person.
The heartworm prevention video is an affiliate marketing attempt that links to a website.
The provided author of that website is Jeff  Battershaw (right).
Battershaw is based out of Florida…

Earn Easy Commissions Review: Pay to play internet marketing

June 5, 2018 mlmdetective 0

Earn Easy Commissions reference someone in charge by the name of “Chuck”.Further research reveals this to be Chuck Nguyen, who on Twitter cites himself as an “Aussie internet marketer”.
In late 2016 Nguyen (right) launched The Digital Elites Academy.
The Digital Elites Academy was a typical “we’ll teach you how to make money” subscription for $47 a month.
Today The Digital Elites Academy website domain is non-responsive.
Alexa traffic estimates for The Digital Elites Academy domain show a collapse around June, 2017.
The Earn Easy Commissions website domain was registered in October, 2017.
The company itself appears to have launched on or around February, 2018.
Read on for…

PHP Agency Review: Life insurance & recruitment?

June 4, 2018 mlmdetective 0

PHP Agency was launched in 2009 and operates in the insurance MLM niche.The company is based out of Texas and headed up by CEO and Founder, Patrick Bet-David.
As far as I can tell, Bet-David (right) began promoting himself as a financial advisor following a stint at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.
According to Bet-David’s Wikipedia entry he joined the army after high school.
After leaving the Army he got a job at Morgan Stanley wealth management.
After a dinner event with George Will in 2009, he launched a website called Saving America and later a radio show broadcast in Los Angeles, to encourage people to be entrepreneurial and to…

IQ Chain Review: Ormeus Global Ponzi spinoff?

June 3, 2018 mlmdetective 0

Ormeus Global launched last year as a trading bot 160% ROI Ponzi scheme.As MLM cryptocurrency schemes are want to do, Ormeus Global also launched its own pump and dump altcoin.
Ormeus Coin began public trading around October, 2017.
After pumping at around five dollars in late November, Ormeus Coin dumped to just over a dollar.
ORME has been in steady decline since mid April and is currently sitting at around 88 cents.
Meanwhile back in March, it emerged Ormeus Global hadn’t been paying affiliates earned commissions.
Over the past month or so something called IQ Chain has emerged.
Following several requests to look into IQ Chain’s connection…

Bitdax Global Review: Token-based cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme

June 2, 2018 mlmdetective 0

Bitdax Global claim to bea Fintech institution registered offshore to provide research, financial partnerships to blockchain start ups and in housed developers in AI Application in trading.
The only reference to a corporate address is in Bitdax Global’s Terms and Conditions.
The UK address provided however belongs to Blue Square Offices, a virtual office provider.
Bitdax Global do provide names and photos of executives on their website, however these are just as vague as the company’s description of itself.
Andrew Savvides and Robert Slattery are cited as founders of Bitdax Global.
Andrew Savvides (right) appears to have a history pushing forex schemes (binary options). With Bitdax Global…