Norway reaffirms Lyoness illegal pyramid scheme decision

June 4, 2018 mlmdetective 0

Any hope Lyoness changing its name to myWorld would reverse an earlier ban have been dashed, after the Norwegian Gaming Board reaffirmed Lyoness is an illegal pyramid scheme.Following a second internal investigation, in January the Gaming Board ruled Lyoness was an illegal pyramid scheme.
As at the time of the decision, Lyoness was ordered to immediately cease operating in Norway by the end of March.
Lyoness responded to the ruling by filing paperwork with the Gaming Board regarding their change of company name to myWorld.
The Gaming Board in turn published an update, acknowledging receipt of the paperwork and their intent to go over…

Lyoness to launch eCredits cryptocurrency

May 25, 2018 mlmdetective 0

The latest MLM Ponzi scheme to attach itself to a cryptocurrency appears to be Lyoness.If a recent Latvian promotional video is to be believed, Lyoness are gearing up to launch “eCredits”.
Lyoness, also known as Lyconet, Cashback World and now MyWorld, have not published technical specifications for eCredits.
Official Lyconet marketing material suggests Lyoness intends to generate eCredits and integrate them into the company’s e-commerce platform.

Initially Lyoness intends to sell eCredits to investors for 1 EUR each.

As above, the Lyoness is marketing eCredit investment on a 10,000% ROI within four years.
There doesn’t appear to be any basis for this, other than the expectation Lyoness…

Through myWorld Enterprise Program, Lyoness is still “all about positions!”

April 20, 2018 mlmdetective 0

Five years ago we covered leaked Lyoness internal video, in which owner and CEO Hubert Friedl laid out the company’s business model.It’s all about positions, positions, positions, positions.By making downpayments one can acquire positions in the Lyoness system.I don’t go out to merely register someone, it’s not about registering people for the cashback card. Then I could as well just register you at the nearby swimming pool.Five years later, nothing has changed.Lyoness, now known as myWorld, recently held their annual “President Council” in Pamhagen, Austria.The big announcement at the event was “limited edition discount vouchers” which, as Friedl explained, are available…

Woking Council pushing Lyoness Ponzi onto unsuspecting residents

April 12, 2018 mlmdetective 0

Back in 2015 a Town Councillor attempted to push Lyoness onto residents of Halisham, a town in East Sussex, England.Upon other members of Hailsham council learning of the Lyoness AU investment Ponzi scheme, the project was suspended indefinitely.Two years later, a Town Councillor in another English town has pulled the same ruse.Woking is a town in northwest Surrey, England with a population of 62,796.On the front-page of the March 23rd, 2017 edition of Woking News & Mail, Lyoness was touted as “groundbreaking international loyalty card scheme”.The proposed scheme would involve shoppers signing up for the Woking Loyalty Card Programme with shops…

Lyoness changes its name to “myWorld”, will regulators fall for it?

April 4, 2018 mlmdetective 0

First there was Lyoness.Then, during an investigation by the Norwegian Gaming Board, Lyoness split the MLM side of the business into Lyconet.Based on a ton of marketing material and confusion Norway concluded that, while Lyoness had operated as a pyramid scheme, after splitting up the pyramid issues had been addressed.Hardly. Through Lyconet, Lyoness continued it’s long-running accounting unit Ponzi scheme.Amid ongoing regulatory issues across Europe, Lyoness was dropped for “Cashback World”.Cashback World operates from the Lyoness website, however Lyoness branding has been completely removed and mention of the brand is kept to a minimum.Lyconet still seems to be operating and continues…

Lyoness an “illegal pyramid scheme” in Norway, banned from operating

January 20, 2018 mlmdetective 0

The Norwegian Gaming Board’s initial 2013 investigation into Lyoness concluded that, while there was evidence of a pyramid scheme, the company appeared to have remedied concerns by rebranding as Lyconet.With a similar enough business model, complaints from the public detailing losses continued to pour in.That prompted the Gaming Board to open a second investigation into Lyoness, the result of which was finalized on January 11th.In an announcement dated January 18th, the Norwegian Gaming Board advised it had sent Lyoness a notice ordering to immediately terminate business operations in Norway.The Gaming Board estimate Lyoness has 150,000 affiliates across the country.As per the…

OneCoin, DasCoin, FutureNet & Lyoness scam warnings from Poland

December 20, 2017 mlmdetective 0

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, more commonly known as UOKiK, has issued scam warnings against OneCoin (OneLife), NetLeaders (DasCoin), FutureNet (FutureAdPro), Questra World (Atlantic Global Asset Management) and Lyoness.The December 18th warning, published by UOKiK President Marek Niechciala, appears to be an end-of-year recap of regulatory actions taken by the watchdog.OneCoin and OneLifeOne Life Network from Belize – encourages you to buy an “education package” OneLife or OneAcademy, promises the opportunity to receive material benefits for introducing other people to the system.Following an internal investigation, On October 31st UOKiK ‘notified the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw (about) the possibility of…

Lyoness asked to stop lying about Norway investigation, new deadline

October 20, 2017 mlmdetective 0

Back in July it was revealed the Norwegian Gaming Board had reopened its pyramid scheme investigation into Lyoness.The investigation was reopened following a continued stream of complaints from the public, which prompted the Gaming Board to contact Lyoness in April.The Gaming Board sought to have Lyoness address concerns it was running a pyramid scheme in Norway.Lyoness’ response was filed in late May but failed to satisfy the regulator.In July the Gaming Board requested “further information” from Lyoness, and that’s when we became aware of the renewed investigation.In a letter dated October 6th, the Gaming Board has provided updates on their investigation since…

Norwegian Gaming Board suspects Lyoness is a pyramid scheme

July 31, 2017 mlmdetective 0

Citing the ongoing receival of ‘many tips and questions from the public asking if Lyoness is a pyramid scheme‘, the Norwegian Gaming Board has provided an update on their current investigation.Following their first investigation into Lyoness in 2013 the Gaming Board concluded that, while they might have once operated as one, Lyoness’ current business model didn’t classify them as a pyramid scheme.Unfortunately it was later revealed the Gaming Board’s decision was primarily based on marketing material Lyoness had provided.This didn’t address the root of the problem (that Lyoness operates as a pyramid scheme), and so the Gaming Board continued to receive complaints and…

Norway reopens Lyoness pyramid scheme investigation

July 8, 2017 mlmdetective 0

Back in 2014 the Norwegian Gaming Board wrapped up an investigation into Lyoness. The conclusion of the investigation saw the Gaming Board confirm Lyoness ‘does not engage in illegal activities in Norway‘.Analysis of the Gaming Board’s official report revealed the regulator primarily relied on marketing material provided by Lyoness in their investigation.Three years later, the Gaming Board has now reopened their investigation into Lyoness.The Gaming Board’s announcement was made on June 16th.In it, the regulator claims that after identifying Lyoness as a pyramid scheme, the company “adapted themselves to legitimate business” by creating Lyconet.As far as I’m aware Lyoness has never publicly…