Andre Feitosa of My Trader Coin arrested in Dominican Republic

August 20, 2018 0

Authorities in the Dominican Republic have arrested Andre Feitosa, citing him as President of of MoneyFree Club.At the time of publication the MoneyFree Club website is offline.
BehindMLM didn’t publish a review of the opportunity prior to its collapse, however we note the company’s official Facebook page promised “thousands of dollars (within) 16 days” (May 18th).
As far as I can tell MoneyFree Club was yet another collapsed MLM cryptocurrency scam.
On August 18th authorities in Santo Domingo arrested Feitosa. He stands accused of stealing over $20 million USD from around 1900 MoneyFree Club victims.
Authorities began investigating Feitosa between May and July, following complaints…

Members Choice Ponzi cycler collapses, promises “reborn” reboot

August 13, 2018 0

Was it the Ponzi cycler business model, ties to the Waszupp Global and Noble 8 Revolution cyclers, religious affinity marketing model, or prior arrest of Johnny William Cabe for fraud that saw Members Choice collapse?Who knows…
Comparing itself to a pregnancy however, Members Choice has informed affiliates it’s planning a reboot.
Do you remember what it was like to be pregnant? The anticipation? The excitement? And all that patient waiting… hoping… wondering… then the baby came!
Joy unspeakable and full of glory!
Well, Members Choice has been pregnant with expectation for a little while now and it is with great pride we announce the birth…

iCenter caught out in Genesis Mining partnership lie

August 9, 2018 0

iCenter are claiming on their website that Genesis Mining is an “unofficial partner”.Putting aside what that even means for just a moment, Genesis Mining have responded by confirming “no partnership” exists.
iCenter cite Genesis Mining as “Unofficial Partners #0001”.
This Partner we add first, not because its the best, we had to start somewhere and is part of “Our Partners” Section, Genesis Cloud Mining , a company offering Cloud Mining packages.
We use Genesis Cloud Mining  as one of our bases by compounding 50% of the daily earnings.
In a separate August 7th news post, iCenter claimed it had ‘just increased substantially our mining purchase with over 110.000 USD in Mining‘.
Two transactions…

Crypto BitClub Ponzi collapses, begs investors for more money

August 7, 2018 0

Crypto BitClub launched earlier this year on or around January.The company was founded by Joe Yagudaev and Ramon Escalera, who last year launched the collapsed Crypto Bit Trade Ponzi scheme.
Crypto BitClub was basically a reload scam, touting a bitcoin mining and trading daily 1% ROI.
Like Crypto Bit Trade, no evidence of mining or trading was ever provided. Nor was Crypto BitClub registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction it operated in.
On the MLM side of things Crypto BitClub offered binary commissions of up to 30%.
Like most MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes, Crypto BitClub stole a bunch of money from investors and then…

Argyll Technologies Ponzi under criminal investigation in Taiwan

August 1, 2018 0

Following non-payment to investors, Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice have opened a criminal investigation into Argyll Technologies.Despite representing on its website that it was run by a very Anglo-Saxxon looking “Gene Clinton Harris”, Argyll Technologies is in fact run by a group of Taiwanese nationals.
The MoJ’s investigation also revealed the involvement of “several police officers”.
Taiwanese authorities allege Chen Chih-piao (陳志標), Hung Ming-chiu (洪明秋), Lin Yu-tong (林宥彤), Huang Wen-huang (黃文煌) and Tenzing Charlie scammed victims out of $49.03 million USD over the past year.
The suspects have been charged with breaching the Banking Act (銀行法) and the Multi-Level Marketing Supervision Act (多層次傳銷管理法), and some have been charged with money…

TVizion fails to respond to Dish Network’s lawsuit, default entered

July 28, 2018 0

Having been served by Dish Network on June 8th, TVizion has thus far failed to respond to their copyright infringement lawsuit.This prompted Dish Network to file an application for a Clerk’s Entry of Default, which was made on July 23rd.
Dish Network sued TVizion and 247 SmartLife, both owned by Ferras Jim Pshehalouk, for providing unauthorized access to the UFC 223 pay-per-view event.
While they haven’t responded to Dish Network’s lawsuit in court, TVizion corporate have since claimed ignorance of providing access to pirated content.
As a result of their ignoring Dish Network’s case, default has been recorded against TVizion, 247 SmartLife and Pshehalouk.
This paves…

Genesis Mining dismissed from South Carolina cease and desist

July 27, 2018 0

Cloud mining company Genesis Mining found itself the recipient of a securities fraud cease and desist, as part of South Carolina’s crackdown on Swiss Gold Global.Despite indicating they wouldn’t be challenging the notice, information was nonetheless submitted to the South Carolina Securities Division.
Based on this information, Genesis Mining’s cease and desist has been dismissed.
The Securities Division’s July 26th order doesn’t go into what information they received, other than stating it’s related to “matters detailed” in the original notice.
Upon due consideration of such information, (the Securities Division) finds good cause has been shown to dismiss Respondent Genesis Mining, Ltd. from the Administrative Order…

Multi-Buy World’s bank accounts terminated, withdrawals suspended

July 26, 2018 0

Multi-Buy World surfaced in early 2017 and are fast approaching the two-year period in which most online Ponzi schemes collapse.The business appears to be winding down on schedule, following the company’s claim its bank accounts have been terminated.
The Alexa traffic chart for the Multi-Buy World website suggests recruitment tanked last November.
Currently the scheme is being kept alive primarily through activity in the UK and Denmark, who together provide 81% of traffic to the MultiBuy World website.
As per a July 17th press-release on the Multi-Buy World website;
We have unfortunately been practically put on hold because of reasons outside of our control and…

CGI Global promise millions in earnings through Magellan International

July 25, 2018 0

CGI Limited surfaced earlier this year as new entry into the MLM cryptocurrency niche.Combining unregistered securities with cryptocurrency gambling through Coinsinos, CGI Limited planned to operate via its betchips altcoin.
Since our February 2018 CGI Limited review, the company has rebranded itself as CGI Global.
Coinsinos appears to have been abandoned, with CGI Global touting millions through something called “Magellan International Alliances, Corp.”
As per a CGI Global social media update dated June 18th;
CGI, Ltd., has always been a temporary brand, while carefully determining the strategic branding and marketing strategy around the name Magellan.
We were able to obtain the domain,
Magellan International Alliances, Corp., has…

M.Network rebrands as M.Global, terminates dissenting affiliates

July 22, 2018 0

In the wake of Jamberry Nails collapse and subsequent acquisition my M.Network, brand loyal affiliates claim they were under the impression they’d be able to continue their nail wrap focused business with minimal disruption.Those hopes have now been dashed, following yesterday’s announcement that M.Network plans to rebrand as M.Global.
The company name change to M.Global was presented to affiliates yesterday as a “brand refresh”.
Speaking onstage at a company event in Nashville, Tennessee, M.Network’s Senior Vice President, Dave Webb, revealed M.Global and the company’s new logo.
We are a united group. We are not “M” and Jamberry.
Have you noticed that? We’re “M”.
In line with…