iCenter caught out in Genesis Mining partnership lie

August 9, 2018 0

iCenter are claiming on their website that Genesis Mining is an “unofficial partner”.Putting aside what that even means for just a moment, Genesis Mining have responded by confirming “no partnership” exists.
iCenter cite Genesis Mining as “Unofficial Partners #0001”.
This Partner we add first, not because its the best, we had to start somewhere and is part of “Our Partners” Section, Genesis Cloud Mining , a company offering Cloud Mining packages.
We use Genesis Cloud Mining  as one of our bases by compounding 50% of the daily earnings.
In a separate August 7th news post, iCenter claimed it had ‘just increased substantially our mining purchase with over 110.000 USD in Mining‘.
Two transactions…

How much does WorldVentures owe affiliates in unpaid commissions?

July 22, 2018 0

Owing the amount of litigation WorldVentures has recently filed, we’ve published a number of articles featuring the company this week.Perhaps one unintended consequence of WorldVentures’ legal filings is disclosure as to how much it currently owes affiliates.
I’ve been hearing rumors that WorldVentures is behind on commission payments for some time now. But up until now haven’t had anyone come forward with specific dollar amounts or a name to put any claims to.
In their July 16th motion for a TRO against Carlos Rogers, WorldVentures inadvertently revealed it owes Rogers $96,779.36 in unpaid commissions.
Rogers unpaid commissions are detailed in a July 7th resignation…

Noble 8 Revolution collecting fees, continue to delay commissions

July 15, 2018 0

Question: As a Ponzi cycler admin, what’s better than collecting the majority of invested funds through pre-loaded positions?Answer: Not paying anyone and keeping all of the money for yourself.
Noble 8 Revolution’s admins have redefined the gullibility of Ponzi investors. Mark Campese and Blaine Williams have been collecting $25 membership fees since January, and to date haven’t paid out a cent to their affiliates.
Jim Anderson was part of the original Noble 8 Revolution management but abandoned his executive position a few weeks ago.
In a Noble 8 affiliate call a few days ago, Campese disclosed Anderson has retained his Noble 8 Revolution earning…

Eyeline Trading seek to avoid regulation through unbranded advertising

July 14, 2018 0

With Eyeline Trading shaping up as the next USI-Tech, owner and CEO Dan Putnam is doing everything he can to prolong a US regulatory investigation.The latest has seen Eyeline Trading demand affiliate investors remove any reference to the company in their marketing efforts.
Promotion of Eyeline Trading is in full swing. The usual suspect Ponzi kingpins from recently collapsed scams have been locked in.
They’re currently in the process of placing their immediate downlines (victims from previous scams), after which the public will be lured in to recoup losses and generate additional profit for those at the top.
Here’s an example of how Eyeline…

Amazing Living offer affiliates Xalles Holdings shares. Um, why?

July 13, 2018 0

A few months ago we covered Amazing Living’s apparent unregistered securities offering.So the offer went, a prepaid debit card was to be distributed to Amazing Living affiliates. Through use of the card, stock in an undisclosed company would be awarded.
The name of the company stock was to be issued from was not disclosed. And since the late April announcement, details of Amazing Living’s debit card stock offering have since been wiped from the internet.
Now the company is back with a new stock offering, tweaked and this time with a little more disclosure.
Amazing Living’s new stock offering appears to have come about…

Rodan + Fields terminates Pool Patrol Paula’s distributorship

July 1, 2018 0

There’s been a recent spate of incidents where white people call the cops on black people not breaking the law in the US.Due to the technological age we live in, the altercations, seemingly sparked by race, have been caught on camera.
Last Sunday Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, since dubbed “Pool Patrol Paula”, took it upon herself to confront and assault a black teen at a South Carolina community pool. It didn’t take long for the internet to realize Sebby-Strempel was a Rodan + Fields distributor.
According to the filed incident report, Sebby-Strempel told two black teenagers they “didn’t belong” at the pool. She then called…

Ominto (Dubli) to delist itself from Nasdaq

May 15, 2018 0

In a May 14th press-release, Dubli (trading as Ominto) has announced it will voluntarily delist itself from the Nasdaq Capital Market.The official reason for the voluntary delisting is ongoing non-compliance with regulatory filing requirements.
The Company’s decision to withdraw its common stock from listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market is due to the fact that the Company has been unable to timely file its periodic reports for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2017, and the quarter ended December 31, 2017.
As previously disclosed, on each of January 3, 2018, February 22, 2018 and March 1, 2018 the Company received a letter from Nasdaq indicating that the Company is not in compliance…

Bitcoiin scammers attempt to manipulate B2G onto Binance exchange

May 8, 2018 0

One of the core problems a Ponzi points MLM cryptocurrency faces is getting their altcoin listed on a public exchange.In addition to hitching B2G to Dragon Mining Tech and several “scam within a scam” companies (Bitcoin Trading World, Crypto Mining Space, Palilula Mining etc.), Bitcoiin have been heavily touting public exchange adoption over the past month.If the scammers behind Bitcoiin and Dragon Mining Tech are to be believed, B2G is set to debut on two public exchanges by the end of the week.Whatever strings Bitcoiin are pulling to make the listing happen though don’t seem to be enough, with the company…

Dragon Coin advisers hope to raise millions through Dapps Global ICO

May 5, 2018 0

In the bowels of Facebook another unregistered securities ICO offering is being prepared for launch.Today we take a look at the upcoming launch of Dapps Global and serial MLM underbelly scammers promoting it.Dapps Global is being touted as a passive investment opportunity, through which “shareholders” can invest in through a planned ICO.On the marketing side of things Pearse Donnelly appears to be Dapps Global’s primary promoter.Donnelly promotes Dapps Global to potential investors through his secret “Cryptopians” Facebook group.Before we get into that though, some background history;Pearse Donnelly first appeared on BehindMLM as admin of the Mo Brabus Ponzi scheme in 2015.In…

Tecademics screw affiliate out of $20,000, IQup not interested?

April 22, 2018 0

About a week ago we covered a co-founder conflict leading to Chris Record selling his stake in Tecademics.Tecademics itself is no more and has been amalgamated into IQup.One loose end that neither Tecademics co-founders Chris Record and Jim Piccolo or IQup seem keen to tie up however, is a missing $20,000 prize awarded to one of their affiliates.Colton Fitzgerald is a former Tecademics affiliate. At a “Tec Talks 2017” event, Chris Record named him as winner of “$20,000 cash”.This was announced on-stage in front of an audience of Tecademics affiliates.[embedded content]Fitzgerald won the $20,000 prize as part of Tecademic’s “90 day challenge”.In…