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Visalus Amazon racket lawsuit settled in secret?

Last July former top earner Michael Gehart filed a lawsuit against Visalus. Gehart alleged Visalus was an “illegal pyramid scheme”. He also the claimed the company ran a secret Amazon retail racket, effectively giving...


Uganda struggling with MLM cryptocurrency fraud

It’s no secret that Africa is a hotbed of MLM cryptocurrency fraud.Perpetrators, primarily from the US and Europe, have no scruples when it comes to targeting and exploiting uneducated (and often poor) investors in Africa.
On an almost daily basis BehindMLM receives emails from people with distinctly African names. More often than not they’re begging for access to their account in whatever MLM crypto scam of the day has done a runner on them.
Naturally I can’t help these people and so their emails go unanswered.
One African nation, Uganda, is struggling to cope with the current MLM cryptocurrency crime wave.
Concerned that youth and…


AWS Mining’s World Digital Mining Summit Photoshop fail

It’s not that a Ponzi admin couldn’t attend a cryptocurrency event, which makes AWS Mining’s hilarious World Digital Mining Summit Photoshop fail all the more amusing.BehindMLM reviewed AWS Mining two days ago and found it to be a typical MLM crypto cloud-mining Ponzi scheme.
The company pretends to pay out affiliates via cloud mining profits, however no hard evidence of this taking place exists.
Furthermore AWS Mining is not registered with securities regulators in markets it actively recruits new investors from, meaning any claims made by the company cannot be independently verified.
The World Digital Mining Summit bill itself as ‘2018’s most exciting industry gathering…