Sandra Gavel cops $123,728 Summary Judgment (Zeek Canada)

Canadian Zeek Rewards scammer Sandra Gavel’s response to clawback litigation filed against her was somewhat confusing.

Upon being served papers on behalf of the Zeek Receiver, Gavel penned a letter to the court to inform it she didn’t consent to US jurisdiction.

This didn’t mean anything legally, and so the Receiver filed a motion requesting legal clarification on Gavel’s filing.

The court classified Gavel’s letter as a pro se Motion to Dismiss and promptly denied it.

That was late 2015, with the Receiver filing for Summary Judgment against Gavel in early 2017.

Roughly eight months later Judge Mullen has finally ruled on the matter.

In a September 7th order Mullen granted the Receiver Summary Judgment against Gavel.

Gavel failed to respond to the Receiver’s motion, with the court issuing a Roseboro Order on February 27th.

A Roseboro Order sees a court clerk

 forward summary judgment explanation to the opposing party and directing that party to respond in 34 days.

The clerk’s correspondence was returned undeliverable and, with nothing from Gavel since, her time is now up.

Defendant Gavel has failed to respond to the Receiver’s motion, and the Court finds that the facts and arguments provided by the Receiver are sufficient to establish the claims he has asserted.

Therefore, it is appropriate for the Court to grant the Receiver’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

Summary Judgment sees Gavel up for $123,738. $89,904 of which she stole from Zeek Rewards victims and $33,833 in prejudgment interest.

In related news the trial for the remaining Canadian Zeek net-winners, which has been substantially delayed by Gavel’s inaction, is scheduled to kick off on October 17th.

Stay tuned…

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