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Organo Gold claims Vietnamese Ponzi used counterfeit product

Our research into Nguyen The Anh’s $13.7 million dollar Ponzi scheme left us with some serious questions.Primarily, to what extent was Organo Gold aware its products were being used to promote financial fraud?
Shortly after publication we were contacted by one of Organo Gold’s Canadian attorneys.
According to Patrick Miranda, the Organo Gold coffee used to promote The Anh’s Ponzi scheme was counterfeit.
Phuc Gia Bao Investment & Trading JSC solicited investment between $540 to $1570, on the promise of a monthly ROI.
In addition to the ROI, investors were also given boxes of Organo Gold coffee. Vouchers, redeemable for Organo Gold branded coffee, were…


Orientum Review: ORT and ORTP Ponzi points OneCoin clone

Orientum operate in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company is based out Thailand and headed up by Chairperson Natchaphan Sonsirinun.Prior to launching Orientum, Sonsirinun was a prominent promoter of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.
Various OneCoin marketing videos on YouTube feature Sonsirinum working directly with several of the scam’s top earners:

OneCoin unofficially collapsed in early 2017. The company continues to limp along however affiliates have been unable to withdraw represented ROIs for 22 months and counting.
OneCoin affiliates such as Sonsirinum (right) primarily generated large income via through referral commissions (convincing others to invest).
Whether Sonsirinum has MLM experience prior to scamming people through OneCoin is unclear.


Mary Dee & FTC settlement advances, Michael Force “not interested”

Having failed to negotiate a settlement between themselves, defendant Mary Dee and the FTC have filed a joint settlement conference motion.The motion requests a settlement conference be held before a Magistrate Judge.
In effect, the Magistrate Judge will act as a neutral mediator between the parties in an attempt to settle the Digital Altitude case with respect to Dee.
The motion comes after both Mary Dee and Michael Force were prohibited access to Digital Altitude victim funds to pay for lifestyle expenses.
The final paragraph in the October 2nd motion advises the court that
Defendant Michael Force has stated he is not interested in participating…


How to Increase Your Profits Right Now

Dan Kennedy tells the story of one of his clients who ran an introduction agency for divorced American men to meet foreign brides. (This was during the pre-internet days.) Dan persuaded his client to...


Organo Gold caught up in $13.7 million Vietnamese Ponzi scheme?

Authorities in Vietnam are looking to prosecute Nguyen The Anh (note that’s his name, not the word “the”), for orchestrating a $13.7 million dollar Ponzi scheme.Supposedly Anh ran his own MLM company, Phuc Gia Bao Investment Joint Stock Company (more commonly known at “68 company”), which relied heavily on convincing others it was part of Organo Gold.
The company launched a multi-level marketing scheme for the Organo Gold coffee brand.
This venture did not do well, so The Anh called for business co-operation for marketing the Lingzhi Red Lucerne coffee.
The second reiteration of Anh’s company, named Phuc Gia Bao Investment & Trading JSC (“868…


Net Leaders & DasCoin under criminal investigation in Poland

The District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has confirmed a criminal investigation into the DasCoin Ponzi scheme.The announcement was made following a tip from consumer advocacy group Trading Jam, who alerted the Prosecutors to possible violations of Poland’s Criminal Code.
The letter received by Trading Jam from the Prosecutor’s Office reads (auto-translated);
The district prosecutor in Warsaw on September 21, 2018 has been investigating under the reference number PO III DS 176.2018 regarding bringing in from September 2016.
Throughout the country, a number of people are disadvantaged by the sale of goods via sales through a website (netleaders).
License for the purchase of a number…


USFIA Receiver to hold claims meeting for investor victims

Still stalling about filing your USFIA victim claim? Got questions you need answered in person?Well, you’re in luck.
The USFIA Receiver has announced the Receivership will be holding a “claims meeting” for USFIA investors on October 16th.
In order to make sure the maximum number of claims are filed, the Receiver will have a meeting open to all investors who need assistance with their claims.
The meeting will be at the Embassy Suites Hotel located at 211 E. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA at 2:00 p.m.
The meeting will last for several hours.  Parking is complimentary.
The Receiver will bring a Chinese-speaking translator to help investors with their…


Lyoness suspends voucher Ponzi scheme in Italy

In response to authorities announcing a preliminary investigation, Lyoness has suspended investment from Italy.Late last month the Italian Antitrust and Consumer Protection authority revealed it had begun a preliminary investigation into Lyoness’ business activities.
Specficially, the AGCM were focusing on

Lyoness’ misleading terms and conditions;
misrepresentations regarding the actual probability of making money in Lyoness; and
how Lyoness is marketed in Italy (in a broader sense)

Within forty-eight hours of news of the AGCM’s investigation breaking, Lyoness informed Italian affiliates it was suspending its voucher investment scheme.
A message in the backoffice of Lyoness’ Italian affiliates reads;
With this Communication we inform that no consumer who is taking…


Uganda struggling with MLM cryptocurrency fraud

It’s no secret that Africa is a hotbed of MLM cryptocurrency fraud.Perpetrators, primarily from the US and Europe, have no scruples when it comes to targeting and exploiting uneducated (and often poor) investors in Africa.
On an almost daily basis BehindMLM receives emails from people with distinctly African names. More often than not they’re begging for access to their account in whatever MLM crypto scam of the day has done a runner on them.
Naturally I can’t help these people and so their emails go unanswered.
One African nation, Uganda, is struggling to cope with the current MLM cryptocurrency crime wave.
Concerned that youth and…