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Richard Maike trying to delay Infinity2Global trial, DOJ allege

Richard Maike and Richard Anzalone have filed motions to continue the Infinity2Global criminal trial.The trial is currently scheduled for January 7th, 2019.
The DOJ has opposed the motion and argues that the defendants are trying to delay trial.
Maike and Anazlone’s respective motions are based on Anzalone’s change of attorney. Anzalone’s new counsel filed a motion of appearance on August 31st.
Despite the trial still being three months away, Anzalone’s attorney is requesting a continuance ‘to allow sufficient time for trial preparation‘.
Co-defendant Jason Syn has also recently changed attorneys, resulting in what the DOJ expects will be another motion to continue filing.
Whilst simultaneously asserting…


Infinity2Global public webinar evidence not an illegal wiretap

Back in early August, Richard Maike filed a motion arguing the DOJ’s use of public webinars constituted an illegal wiretap.The court has rejected Maike’s arguments and dismissed the motion.
In his motion, Maike cited a violation of Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act.
In a nutshell, the DOJ required judicial approval to wiretap someone.
What Maike didn’t explain however, was how subpoenaing the webinar host for recordings after the fact fit the definition of a wiretap.
To quote what I wrote in our initial article covering Maike’s wiretap motion;
By definition, a wiretap is a live interception of a communication (electronic…


How Deceptive Marketing Increases Sales

Okay, I’m not going to pass judgement – good or bad, on what I’m about to reveal. Some would say this is 100% ethical, and I won’t argue. Others will say something that involves...


BitClub Network freeze daily ROI payouts, blame GPU mining

BitClub Network is the latest cryptocurrency MLM to announce it is suspending its daily ROI payouts.The news comes hot on the heels of Kuvera Global also suspending their daily ROI payouts earlier today.
Whereas Kuvera Global blamed ethereum for their running out of money, BitClub Network’s announcement cites a “steady decline in GPU mining profitability”.
As of October 1st ALL GPU machines have been powered off and we are freezing all mining payments moving forwards.
Right now based on current market conditions the profit is negative and it looks to continue to go even more negative in the short term on just about all of…


WebTalk Review: YourNight social network resurrected

WebTalk provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the business.WebTalks’ Terms of Use provide a PO Box address for their “support team” in the US state of Florida.
The WebTalk website domain (“”) was first registered in 2010. The domain registration was last updated on July 20th, 2018.
Robert Garbowicz of First Round Capital is listed as the owner, through the same Florida PO Box address.
Garbowicz is the founder of YourNight, a social network MLM launched in 2010.

Despite projecting it would have 50 million users within a year and a half, YourNight collapsed in less than twelve months.
Read on…


Kuvera Global suspends ROI payments, blames ethereum

Investview’s unregistered securities offering is on the rocks, following the announcement Kuvera Global is suspending ROI payments effective immediately.In an email sent out a few hours ago to Kuvera Global investors, the company claims ‘due to the recent drop in the value of Ethereum, mining Ethereum is not currently profitable‘.
The cost of electricity and maintenance is now greater than the value of the coins being mined.
Our mining partners who are experts in the field, have explained to us that at this time the best course of action for everyone is to implement the “Mining Interruption”.
Our hope is that the value of…


Matt Lloyd starts up Scale Fast Advertising ($5000 set up fee)

Three and a half weeks ago a preliminary injunction was granted against MOBE founder Matt Lloyd.“About 3 weeks ago” Lloyd created the “Scale Fast Secrets” private Facebook group.
As I write this there’s no publication information available on the Scale Fast Secrets Facebook group page.
It’s a closed private group of around 600 members, all of which are assumed to be former MOBE affiliates.
Further research reveals Lloyd also launched a Scale Fast Advertising website on or around September 10th – five days after the MOBE preliminary injunction was granted.
Unlike the secret Facebook group, the Scale Fast Advertising website is a little more forthcoming…


Organo Gold claims Vietnamese Ponzi used counterfeit product

Our research into Nguyen The Anh’s $13.7 million dollar Ponzi scheme left us with some serious questions.Primarily, to what extent was Organo Gold aware its products were being used to promote financial fraud?
Shortly after publication we were contacted by one of Organo Gold’s Canadian attorneys.
According to Patrick Miranda, the Organo Gold coffee used to promote The Anh’s Ponzi scheme was counterfeit.
Phuc Gia Bao Investment & Trading JSC solicited investment between $540 to $1570, on the promise of a monthly ROI.
In addition to the ROI, investors were also given boxes of Organo Gold coffee. Vouchers, redeemable for Organo Gold branded coffee, were…


Orientum Review: ORT and ORTP Ponzi points OneCoin clone

Orientum operate in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company is based out Thailand and headed up by Chairperson Natchaphan Sonsirinun.Prior to launching Orientum, Sonsirinun was a prominent promoter of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.
Various OneCoin marketing videos on YouTube feature Sonsirinum working directly with several of the scam’s top earners:

OneCoin unofficially collapsed in early 2017. The company continues to limp along however affiliates have been unable to withdraw represented ROIs for 22 months and counting.
OneCoin affiliates such as Sonsirinum (right) primarily generated large income via through referral commissions (convincing others to invest).
Whether Sonsirinum has MLM experience prior to scamming people through OneCoin is unclear.